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          Kaiping City Shuikou Town Wenrui Die Casting Factory

          Kaiping City Shuikou Town Wenrui Die Casting Factory is a medium-sized sole proprietorship enterprise specializing in the production of faucets, zinc alloy handles, handwheels, water nozzles and other products. Since its inception,we have always been concerned with the customer's personal problems and deeply understand the needs of our customers. We continue to improve our products...

          Superb production

          User-friendly design

          Factory direct sales

          Manufacturers produce, can be customized according to demand

          Quality assurance

          Internal control of product quality to ensure product quality

          Diversified product styles

          Zinc-coated copper faucets, shower heads, accessories, etc.

          Wide range of applications

          Kitchen, bathroom, public, bathroom, etc.

          Large company

          Have a complete and scientific management system